Developer & Productivity Tools

Text editors & notes

  • Sublime text used for Node projects and Angular/Bootstrap prototypes. 
  • Textpad lightweight editor used for desktop notes and text manipulation, supports column highlighting and reg-ex search/replace
  • Evernote used on the move for capturing ideas, planning and sharing between devices
Source control
  • Team Foundation Server
  • Github
Testing & test automation
  • Selenium & Selenium IDE (firefox)
  • Microsoft Test Manager (to review)

  • Evernote used on the move for capturing ideas, planning and sharing between devices
  • Wunderlist (to review)
  • Toodledo (using less)
  • I have used Trello for the recruitment process, especially useful when there are different people at different stages applying for different roles
Performance tuning
  • Y-Slow
  • Windows performance counters
Application Performance Monitoring
  • NewRelic - it just works
  • Balsamiq Mockups
JavaScript Libraries and Frameworks
  • Angular - it's a good start and one of the best, but needs work. Waiting on V2.0 improvements for lazy loading controller modules
  • Bootstrap - for all of your responsive design needs
Javascript Tools


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